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JoMeC Network Activities*

8 July 2015: JoMeC Network Meeting, ANZCA Conference, Canterbury, New Zealand

The JoMeC Network invites educators in journalism, media and communication to an open discussion on at the 2015 ANZCA Conference about learning and teaching issues affecting their disciplines. The aim is to explore discipline learning standards and identify priority issues affecting university-level education in journalism, media and communication. The meeting will be held at 12:30pm, 8 July, at the Rydges Hotel, Canterbury.

July 2014:
At the 2014 ANZCA Conference, TLO statements for the Journalism and Public Relations disciplines and draft TLOs for  Communication and/or Media Studies were circulated. The following paper outlines the methods and issues involved in creating such drafts, as well as ongoing plans of the JoMeC Network to further develop these documents.

December 2013:
At the 2013 JEAA Conference, a JoMeC panel discussed the progress the Network had made towards developing TLO statements for the Journalism, Media and Communication disciplines. The panel also analysed issues involved in both creating such statements and mapping the Learning Outcomes of bachelor-degree students undertaking university programs in these fields.

The presentations made at the 2013 JEAA Conference at Mooloolaba were:

​July 2013:

Two of the presentations made during the 2013 ANZCA Conference in Perth were:

December 2012:

Two of the four presentation to the 2012 JEAA Conference, Melbourne, were:


Other Useful Resources

Threshold Learning Standards

The JoMeC Network project is far from unique in Australia’s Higher Education sector. A number of discipline clusters beyond those encompassed by this project have already developed Threshold Learning Standards, which can be found via the Office for Learning and Teaching website. Four in particular are useful comparisons to the standards developed by the JoMeC Network:

Assessing and Assuring Graduate Learning Outcomes - The ALTC AAGLO Proejct (two-page summaries):

  1. The ALTC AAGLO project and the international standards agenda
  2. Assurance of graduate learning outcomes through external review
  3. Challenges of assessing Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) in work-based contexts
  4. Standardised testing of Graduate Learning Outcomes in Higher Education
  5. Approaches to the assurance of assessment quality
  6. Assessment policy issues in the effective assessment and assurance of GLOs
  7. Characteristics of tasks effective in the assessment of GLOs
  8. eAssessment issues in the effusive assessment and assurance of GLOs
  9. Whole-of-program approaches to assessment planning
  10. The student perspective

* The JoMeC Network has been provided by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching. The views expressed in the reports on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching.

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